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Top 8 Tips for Canoeing & Kayaking Safely

Be ready to capsize and swim sometimes when paddling. Wearing a life jacket can prevent drowning.

This will keep your craft from pitching back and forth, and make the boat more stable under motion. 

 It is the bow (front) paddlers job to set the pace, and it is the role of the stern (back) paddler to match that tempo. This insures that you are maximizing your forward momentum.

If you’re planning on doing a bunch of canoeing, invest in a comfortable PFD, so you’re more likely to wear it.

A map and some sense of the adventure before you is part of good trip planning. Measure before you go.

Sun reflected off the water will burn in some unlikely places – including under your nose and the back of your ears. In an aluminum canoe, there is added reflection off metal surfaces.

If you are paddling solo, the best advice is to paddle close to shore and in the lee. Don’t be farther away from shore than what you know you can swim with your boat full of water.

 In addition to ample water, consider packing fun snacks, a picnic for a floating dinner date, fishing poles, binoculars, extra chocolate.

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Head on over to Lucky Duck River Rentals at Halls Mill, have some delicious food at the Market, then hop in a tube or a kayak and float along a spell on Tennessee’s own Duck River.